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The Modern Mobile Restaurant

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We Asked:

How often do you frequent food trucks?

We listened attentively:

Cassandra: PINE BUSH, NY 

I don't... To be honest, I don't see them, It's as if they're invisible.

We Delivered

We created a mobile restaurant that offers the inviting atmosphere of a traditional restaurant, along with the convenience of being on the go.

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relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past. "the pace of modern life"

We Asked

Food Truck Owners
Do you believe having a rooftop deck will appeal to your customers? 

We Delivered

Model R Shown

A rooftop deck that transforms your restaurant into an event destination.

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We listened without judgment


Mike G Miami, FL Food trailer owner. 

Definitely, without a doubt. Rooftop seating enhances the dining experience and adds value to a restaurant.

160sq.ft Rooftop 

Amy K: Miami Beach, FL

The main reason I avoid eating at food trucks is the lack of access to hand-washing facilities.

No contact hand wash station located on the lower deck.

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in a Pop Up.

Hamburgers, French Fries, Ribs, and Wings, are better with clean hands.

Marry G:

I have always dreamed of starting a restaurant that offers dine-in service in the best locations in my city. A pop-up mobile restaurant would allow me to easily move to different locations and offer my customers a unique dining experience.

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Location     localización      位置

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Transmute mundane parking lots into exquisite private soirées with a touch of glamour.


We Asked

We inquired with restaurant owners who operate both mobile and traditional brick-and-mortar locations about their experiences and opinions on running a restaurant, including likes and dislikes.

We listened for understanding

Gloria G: Former Owner (Cliffs Jerk Chicken and Ribs) Orlando,Fl  

Running a brick-and-mortar restaurant involves higher overhead costs such as rent, utilities, and property maintenance. It also requires a larger staff and can be limited by the location. A mobile restaurant may have more flexibility in location and lower overhead costs.

We Delivered


Tile floors and floor drains are used in commercial kitchens to facilitate easy cleaning and prevent water damage. Rubber and aluminum floors may not be ideal surfaces as they may not be as durable or resistant to spills and stains. Our kitchens are built specifically to meet the needs of the restaurant, including the size and layout of the space, the type of cuisine being served, and the equipment and appliances being used. When a kitchen is built specifically for the restaurant's needs, it can function more efficiently and effectively, ensuring smooth operation and customer satisfaction.

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Model R

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Fire Suppression System


are the event


we are the event

We heard you

a place where people pay to sit and eat meals that are cooked and served on the premises.


Thank you for your valuable feedback. Our mobile restaurants have been designed with your input in mind, and we hope that this modern concept will provide more dining options for people across the country. We believe that food has the power to bring communities together, and we don't want Los Angeles and New York City to have all the fun. We appreciate your support and will continue to listen to your thoughts and suggestions.

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