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If you can conceive it, we can construct it skillfully.

Omar Carvajal Orl, Fl

I had initially planned to rent a physical location for my restaurant, but when I learned about pop-up restaurants, I was immediately drawn to the idea. It combines the benefits of having a mobile business with the appeal of a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment. I am excited to see how my pop-up restaurant will turn out.

Model:model r custom 

Build features

Custom Floor Plan 

Upstairs and downstairs seating.

15 min Setup Time

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food truck orlando

New container

Empty for now

Orlando Fl Build Location

food truck
mobile restaurant

Omars Drawings

food truck orlando fl

Pick up window for rear downstairs seating

Main order window

Engineered Plans

Why engineered plans?

Engineered plans ensure that a structure is built safely, efficiently, and to code, whereas building without plans may result in structural issues or non-compliance with building regulations.

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Choose your colors

Screenshot 2022-12-03 035828.png
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1. Aluminum tanks are more durable and resistant to cracking or breaking compared to plastic tanks.

2. Aluminum tanks are more resistant to UV radiation and do not degrade as quickly as plastic tanks.


4ft Pull out front deck

Certified Fabricators

It is generally recommended to use certified metal fabricators because they have been trained and tested to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in the field. Certified fabricators have also typically undergone a formal education and training program, which can provide them with a comprehensive understanding of industry standards and best practices. In addition, certified fabricators may also be required to maintain their certification through ongoing education and training, which helps ensure that they stay up to date with the latest techniques and technologies in the field. Overall, choosing a certified metal fabricator can help ensure that the work being performed is of high quality and meets industry standards.

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4ft Pull out front deck

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Time to head up

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Roof deck and handrails 

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We don't build food trailers we build mobile restaurants.

shipping container restaurant

Next update build-out 3-27-2023.

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