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Model R Floor Plans.

Our restaurant interiors are designed with performance in mind - pure and simple. We have carefully engineered our interiors for maximum efficiency. Contact us today to begin.

Open Floor

food truck builders

Kitchen specs

  • Kitchen 160sq.ft


food truck California

Kitchen specs

  • Kitchen 120sq.ft

  • Walk-in cooler or Freezer196 cu-ft

American Standard

food truck builder

Kitchen specs

  • Kitchen 129sq.ft

  • Walk-in cooler or Freezer147 cu-ft

Deluxe One

food truck florida

Kitchen specs

  • Kitchen 70sq.ft

  • Walk-in cooler or Freezer 490 cu-ft

Deluxe L 8X25

food trucks winter garden

Note: 5th wheel required

Kitchen specs

  • Kitchen 109 sq.ft

  • Walk-in cooler or Freezer 560 cu-ft

  • 35k Equipment Credit

Standard Model R Features:

Aluminum 30-Gallon freshwater tank

Aluminum 45-gallon gray water tank

Electric water heater

Customers handwashing Sink

Handwashing sink

3 Compartment sink

Floor drain

3-stage water filtration system

Tile floor

Grease trap

If you're having trouble finding a floor plan that suits your needs, don't worry. We can help you create a custom plan that includes a restroom, just like we did for another satisfied customer. Give us a call today to get started on building your mobile restaurant business.


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