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Model S Floor Plans.

If you're interested in offering indoor seating as a mobile restaurant, we can help turn that dream into a reality. Give us a call today to discuss your vision and how we can assist you in bringing it to life.

The Essential
Ready to Cook $68,995 

food truck builders

Kitchen specs

  • Kitchen 90 sq.ft


  • 47” Prep Rail               

  • Undercounter Fridge - 14.5 cu.ft.

  • 36” Griddle

  • 36” Griddle Stand

  • Range Hood

  • 4 Burner Oven

  • 40 lb Floor Fryer

The Coffee Shop 
Ready to Cook
$79,955 call for equipment details.

the coffice shop.jpg

Kitchen specs

  • Kitchen 36 sq.ft

Customer Amenities

  • 54 sq. ft inside dining area under air

  • Countertop seating Capacity of up to 15

  • Customer hand-washing sink

  • 3 Compartment Sink                 

  • Hand Sink

  • Upper shelf SST

  • 2 Layer workbench

  • Service Window

  • AC - Hot/Cold

  • Freezer - 5.5 cu.ft.

Standard Model S Features:
- Hot, Cold - 3 Compartment + 1 hand sink.- 13g fresh, 18.5g gray tanks.- Stainless Steel 2-layer benches.- Service window - 5’ length, bottom sash lift.- 12k BTU Heating/Cooling system.

Looking for a personalized design for your layout? We've got you covered! A client recently inquired about the feasibility of transforming a 40-foot container into a restaurant with indoor seating. Let's collaborate to create your ideal mobile restaurant venture. Reach out to us today!


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