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Our Team

Pop ups food trucks

James N: CEO
David D:  Executive Chef
Wayne G: R&D Director

food trailer

Trevor B: COO

Robert B: Chief Engineer
Asif A: Software Engin
Dwayne G: Production Manager
Leighton B: Marketing
Skylar G: Social Media
Jason S: Sales 

Our Story

Chapter One: The Pandemic Encounter

Amid the pandemic, two strangers found themselves living next door to each other. One was a salesman, while the other was a container home builder who had just moved in a month ago. Despite living busy lives, the lockdown forced them to stay at home with nothing to do.

One day, as fate would have it, the salesman and the builder were outside at the same time. They met through their children, who were playing outside. The pandemic had brought them together, and as they started chatting, they realized they had a lot in common.

Chapter Two: Building a Friendship

coming soon

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